MicroStrategy Cloud for Government

The industry’s #1-rated Enterprise Analytics solution is on track to receive FedRAMP certification in 2022. Learn why federal agencies choose MicroStrategy over the competition.

MicroStrategy's public sector customers now have the confidence and peace of mind of knowing their data is secured under the highest-grade controls and best practices the BI and analytics industry has to offer.

FedRAMP empowers agencies to use modern cloud technologies, with emphasis on security and protection of federal information. Launched within the General Services Administration (GSA) in 2012, FedRAMP’s mission is to:

  • Accelerate adoption of secure cloud products and of government-authorized secure cloud solutions and assessments
  • Build confidence in cloud-based products and deployment architectures
  • Achieve collaboration, agreement, and consistency for all cloud products deployed within the government—within or outside of the FedRAMP marketplace
  • Develop and certify security deployment methods
  • Drive digital transformation through emerging technologies, including automation, real-time analytics, and more to better support government’s mission

What sets us apart?

Mission-critical enterprise analytics

MicroStrategy is trusted across the public sector and by thousands of the world’s top brands to deliver enterprise-grade solutions that accelerate decision-making and help build trusted, data-driven cultures.

Security and performance

MicroStrategy’s top-rated Cloud service has been in operation for ten years. It delivers 24x7 expert monitoring and security, backed by a full complement of certifications and accreditations.

Partnership with our customers

MicroStrategy is a 2021 Gartner Customers’ Choice vendor, with peer group-leading reviews of customer satisfaction and willingness-to-recommend.

FedRAMP authorization (projected in 2022) offers transparency and external validation of MicroStrategy’s qualifications: 

  • Personnel qualifications and organizational requirements for employees working on the cloud service 
  • Methods and procedures to govern data control, storage, access, and encryption
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity best practices
  • Availability, resilience, and platform performance at high data volumes and concurrent usage
  • Accredited for ISO-27001, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, and more, delivering security and peace of mind

Download MicroStrategy’s Cloud Security White Paper

Download this PDF for an overview of MicroStrategy's comprehensive approach to security and privacy from the perspective of a Chief Information Security Officer.


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