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Overview of the MicroStrategy Embedded Analytics Platform

Software vendors need to provide a strong analytic layer for their business applications to delight their customers and bring out the value of their applications. The analytic layer needs to be easy to use and visually appealing, yet highly performant, secure, and scalable. It needs to blend in to the custom application with seamless interaction. Microstrategy is the embedded analytic layer for hundreds of customers and OEM applications today. Watch this video to learn how the Semantic Graph and Federated Analytics along with a rich set of APIs and SDKs make Microstrategy the perfect solution for embedded analytics.


[00:02] - OEM the analytics layer for your application with Microstrategy
[01:06] - Hyperintelligence - answers that find you
[02:56] - The Semantic Graph - intelligent, secure, and trusted data at scale
[04:27] - Governed self-service discovery
[05:07] - Federated Analytics - a universal abstraction layer to support PowerBI, Qlik, Tableau, Excel and ML tools
[06:30] - Transformational Mobility
[06:49] - Optimized Performance and Scale
[09:10] - DevOps Automation
[09:49] - Breadth and completeness of the Microstrategy Platform
[10:51] - Microstrategy is the perfect OEM solution for embedded analytics

Embedded Intelligence

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